Marvelous SharePoint Site collection migrator (MSSCM) Concept

Marvelous SharePoint Site collection migrator (MSSCM) is an open source project based on Microsoft Powershell to migrate SharePoint site collections between different environments: in this blog post I will discuss the concept of this project. We have two sets of files in the github repository for the project: • Getxxx • Createxxx “Get”Read More

Introducing Marvelous SharePoint site collection Migrator (MSSCM)

today I am so excited to announce the first release of the Marvelous SharePoint site collection Migrator (MSSCM) Project. I am initiating and managing an open source project to migrate SharePoint site collections between different environments. These environments will be supported as the source and destination: SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016 SharePoint online For the first releaseRead More

Azure Service Fabric cluster data path

I was working with a client to configure their Azure Service Fabric cluster environment. For their sandbox environment, they wanted to use basic virtual machines to keep the monthly bill reasonable. We decided to use standard DS1 v2 machines for their nodes. After creating the service fabric environment and configuring it, they wanted to deployRead More

Creating a secure Service Fabric Cluster in Microsoft Azure with internal load balancer on an existing virtual network – Part 2

This is the second part of the post in this series that I am talking about the implementation of a customized Service Fabric on Azure. The default functionality of the Microsoft Azure to create Service Fabric via portal does not allow you to use an existing virtual network or an internal load balancer. In thisRead More

Creating a secure Service Fabric Cluster in Microsoft Azure with internal load balancer on an existing virtual network– Part 1

In this post, I want to walk you through creating of a Service Fabric Cluster in Microsoft Azure, and make it a secure one. Moreover, we do not use the public IP address for the load balancer which is the default configuration of the Azure Portal when you are creating a Service Fabric. We willRead More

How to create ARM templates from all the resource groups in your Azure subscription

Introduction ARM templates are a very convenient way to document your azure implementation. You can export the ARM template from your azure subscription based on each resource group and store them in your source control repository to keep track of the changes in your Azure environment. There are two methods in order to get theRead More

Azure Service Fabric vs Azure Cloud Services for cloud native applications

Introduction When you want to create a native Microsoft Azure application, there are three major architecture models that you can leverage: Azure App Services Azure Cloud Services Azure Service Fabric In this post I want to do a comparison between the two major azure architecture models: Azure cloud services vs Azure service fabric. Since thereRead More

How to migrate an on-premise SharePoint document library to SharePoint online with Powershell

Introduction There are a couple of ways in order to migrate a document library from your on premise SharePoint farm to the SharePoint online. You can use third party tools to migrate to SharePoint online, you can manually move files between SharePoint libraries or you can use Windows Powershell cmdlets to migrate a document libraryRead More

Introducing Online Microsoft Azure Training Programs

Cloud-based technology represents the future of business, which means that there is an urgent and increasing need for experienced developers. Staying up-to-date with this constantly evolving technology means investing in professional development. The good news is that Microsoft is making it easier than ever for IT professionals to stay on top of business and cloudRead More