How to create ARM templates from all the resource groups in your Azure subscription

Introduction ARM templates are a very convenient way to document your azure implementation. You can export the ARM template from your azure subscription based on each resource group and store them in your source control repository to keep track of the changes in your Azure environment. There are two methods in order to get theRead More

How to create a storage account in azure RM model with Powershell

In order to create a new Azure storage account in the Resource Manager (RM) mode of Microsoft Azure in windows Powershell, first you have to setup your environment. “An Azure storage account provides a unique namespace to store and access your Azure Storage data objects.” If you are using Windows 10, do the following stepsRead More

Coded UI Testing SharePoint 2016 services with Visual Studio 2015 – Part 1

Introduction Coded UI testing is an automated test that drive your application through its user interface (UI) and gives you feedback about the health state of your application. SharePoint 2016 has a new feature which is called zero-downtime-patching; it simply means that you can patch your SharePoint 2016 servers without any downtime. You can useRead More


SharePoint Feature Description According to the challenge id #3, views are the most important way to present data in Microsoft SharePoint. In our test implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Portal, we extensively use views in order to have a smooth flow of users on the portal and users have minimum problem using the portal features. SharePointRead More


SharePoint Feature Description According to Challenge ID #7, workflows are the main player in implementing business processes based on SharePoint. When we develop and implement a business process on SharePoint and the organization begins to use the workflows, there are some suggestions and improvements comes from the end user of the solution which are veryRead More

CHALLENGE #7 IN IMPLEMENTING SHAREPOINT: Running workflows after the error

SharePoint Feature Description SharePoint 2013 workflow engine is the main focus of implementing business processes in Microsoft SharePoint. There are three options when you want to design and implement business processes inside Microsoft SharePoint technologies. To use the out-of-the-box SharePoint Workflows (Approval, feedback,…) Create a custom workflow with SharePoint Workflow Designer Create a custom workflowRead More

CHALLENGE #6 IN IMPLEMENTING SHAREPOINT: SharePoint designer custom task in workflow

SharePoint Feature Description SharePoint Workflow designer is a workflow design engine specific for SharePoint sites. It is possible to connect to a SharePoint site and design a custom workflow based on the business requirements. In SharePoint 2010, there was a custom task feature with great capabilities, so you could design many business process without usingRead More


SharePoint Feature Description In Microsoft SharePoint, to connect list items to an item in another list, you have to use Lookup columns. From the database perspective, lookup columns are like the database keys which join different tables together. In our test SharePoint server implementation, There is a Lesson learned list to store every lesson weRead More