How to migrate InfoPath forms from on-premise SharePoint to SharePoint online

Introduction Although Microsoft announced that they won’t release any newer version of Microsoft InfoPath, but Microsoft InfoPath forms are still the main tool for IT professionals to create custom forms inside Microsoft SharePoint. In this article I will provide you a method to migrate your InfoPath forms from your on premise SharePoint to SharePoint onlineRead More

How to update the list columns from Custom Task process InfoPath form

Introduction When you are developing your SharePoint designer workflows with the Workflow Engine 2010 (It is possible to develop your workflow with this model in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online as well, but if you want to develop SharePoint Designer workflows 2010 model for SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, you have to use SharePoint DesignerRead More

How to send a custom Task notification email in Custom Task Process SharePoint Workflow designer

In custom task process in SharePoint workflow designer, it is possible to send the notification email of task assignments to users. The problem is you cannot customize the content of this notification email for each stage of your workflow and it sends a general formatted email notification to all parties in every stage of the workflow.Read More

How to set a due date for a single task in custom task process in SharePoint designer workflow

When you place a new Custom Task Process action in Microsoft SharePoint designer workflow, it gives you a configuration page to set the Title, CC, description, Due Date and some other related fields of tasks.   Figure 1 – custom task process assignment page You have to select a number of days (for example 3)Read More

How to change the title of individual tasks in custom task process in SharePoint designer workflow

As you now know, when you want to create a custom task process in Microsoft SharePoint designer, you have to write a general title for all tasks and it is not possible to change title of tasks individually. Figure 1 – it is not possible to have custom task title individually In this post IRead More

Create a simple workflow with Custom Task Process in SharePoint Workflow designer

In the previous article, I discussed some ideas behind the SharePoint workflow designer custom task process and how SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 support this feature. In this article I will develop a simple approval workflow based on custom task process in SharePoint 2013 using SharePoint designer 2013, but with SharePoint 2010 workflow engine! YouRead More


SharePoint Feature Description According to the challenge id #3, views are the most important way to present data in Microsoft SharePoint. In our test implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Portal, we extensively use views in order to have a smooth flow of users on the portal and users have minimum problem using the portal features. SharePointRead More