CHALLENGE #6 IN IMPLEMENTING SHAREPOINT: SharePoint designer custom task in workflow

SharePoint Feature Description

SharePoint Workflow designer is a workflow design engine specific for SharePoint sites. It is possible to connect to a SharePoint site and design a custom workflow based on the business requirements. In SharePoint 2010, there was a custom task feature with great capabilities, so you could design many business process without using Visual Studio. Other useful rules and actions were also available in SharePoint workflow designer 2010.

In our test implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, there is a workflow for proposal creation. The workflow starts from the marketing department and goes to sales department and technical departments to gather the required information to assemble the proposal and then goes back to the marketing department to be sent out to the customer.

SharePoint 2013 comes with a new workflow engine that is not based on Microsoft Workflow foundation, which is said to be more robust and agile than the previous version of the SharePoint. We have to create the required business process with the SharePoint Workflow designer 2013.

SharePoint Challenge Description

The challenge is the SharePoint 2013 workflow designer rules and actions are not as feature rich as the previous version of the product and we see some sort of downgrade regarding this section of the Workflow Designer!

According to the MSDN article:

many useful workflow actions were based on the Microsoft Workflow foundation and are deprecated in SharePoint 2013. So currently, Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Designer 2013 has substantially less feature than the previous version of the SharePoint and business processes cannot be implemented fully with just use the designer features.


There is no available features in SharePoint to address the test portal business flow requirements. So we decided to create a custom workflow in Visual Studio to accomplish this.

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