SharePoint Feature Description

According to the challenge id #3, views are the most important way to present data in Microsoft SharePoint. In our test implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Portal, we extensively use views in order to have a smooth flow of users on the portal and users have minimum problem using the portal features.

SharePoint Challenge Description

The challenge is Views with certain filtering options will be failed to render and show an error message.

Consider the following scenario:

We have a workflow installed on a portal list and this workflow has several steps including commented, no comment, …

We want to have a view on this list to show all items with the workflow status whether not null, not commented nor no comment. Moreover we want to group the results based on a lookup column and to show all items without folders.

These view conditions will give you a rendering error and you cannot use all of your filtering conditions at once. You can just use one of them, not all of them at the same time.

This is just a single example of these groups of errors related to view rendering and there are also more examples of rendering view issues in SharePoint.


There is no out-of-the-box solution available in SharePoint to address this error. We have to lessen our filtering conditions or use Microsoft Visual Studio in order to develop a custom application page to show the required data.

Also, there is possible to use the Microsoft SharePoint Designer in order to develop a data view and show all filtering options.

All of these solutions need higher expertise than the normal end user.

MCSE, PMP, With more than 12 years experience in Microsoft technologies.

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