Losing administration permission on Project Server 2013


Project server 2013 has two modes for permission settings. The default installation comes with the SharePoint permission model. You can change the mode in Powershell:

Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -url http://server/pwa -Mode ProjectServer

Or you can switch back to the SharePoint native mode:

Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -url http://server/pwa -Mode SharePoint

When tuning Project Server 2013 or Project Online in Project mode, you  have finer control over the permissions on your  PWA site. For example, in Edit user page you have Security Categories and Global Permissions and also you can set if the use can access the OData reporting service.



When the Project Server 2013 operates in Project mode, the administrator can go to the PWA settings, Manage Groups section, click on the Administrators group, and then overwrite the permissions for example by selecting a lower permission user group (project manager) and click on apply. After that nobody have the administration access to the site, even the site collection administrator cannot do administration tasks.

Solution 1:

There is a remedy for this problem that you may not want to do it on a production server since you lose all of your fine-tuned user permissions. You have to switch back the permission model to the SharePoint native mode and then activate the Project mode again.

Solution 2:

By analyzing the project server behavior with SQL Profiler when hitting the save button at the Manage Groups page, you can run the following SQL Query on your Project Web App database to revert back the administration permissions.

SQL Query:

The interesting point is project server use globally unique GUID for groups and categories in every installation. For example the GUID of the Administrators group is “69FC9D0D-0B5F-4F4A-A9EF-C05A60EB5236”

After running this query, you should go to the Manage Administration group and change the Categories permission too. If you don’t do this, users cannot see their projects in Project Center.

Project Server Category Permission
Project Server Category Permissions in Group Management



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