Challenges in implementing Microsoft SharePoint Server for Business Process Management

Microsoft SharePoint Server has lots of features out-of-the-box and heavily ease the process of implementing organization Business Process Management (BPM) projects which are very beneficial for the company’s operation. In a series of short articles, I want to address some drawbacks and pitfalls of using Microsoft SharePoint technology. In these series of articles, I willRead More

“Sign in as another user” in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

As you know, in SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has removed “Sign in as another user” from SharePoint UI According to this article, Microsoft explains why this feature is removed from SharePoint: There is a work around to this issue in SharePoint 2013,  but before explaining these solutions, please notice to problems and disadvantages of using “Sign inRead More

Losing administration permission on Project Server 2013

Project Server Category Permission

Introduction: Project server 2013 has two modes for permission settings. The default installation comes with the SharePoint permission model. You can change the mode in Powershell: Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -url http://server/pwa -Mode ProjectServer Or you can switch back to the SharePoint native mode: Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -url http://server/pwa -Mode SharePoint When tuning Project Server 2013 or Project Online inRead More