Part 2 – Azure Application Insights Troubleshooting


In Part 1 of Azure Application Insights troubleshooting, we discussed normal steps in order to configure the Azure Application Insights and troubleshooting it. In this second blog post, we will focus on the troubleshooting of the Azure Application Insights. You can check the first part of this blog post here:


Troubleshooting Application Insights is very important. When you don’t have live stream charts enabled in your application insights, it means something is wrong and you have to troubleshoot.

To verify the instrumentation key, you have to do the following:

·       Find out the name of the application insights associated to this app service, to do so you have to select the app service, go to the application insights blade and read out the name of the application insights

·       Then you have to search for that application insights in the Azure portal

In the properties blade of the application insights, you can see the Instrumentation key:

Make sure the instrumentation key is the same as your app settings. To do that, you have to select your app service in Azure Portal and select the Application Settings blade, you should have the same instrumentation key here. “APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY” as the key and the guid as the value. Make sure it is a slot settings.

Then you have to check the configuration file inside the web root folder. You have to login to Kudo and browse the files under wwwroot. Make sure the Instrumentation key is not part of the ApplicationInsights.config in wwwwroot

App Service Extensions

Make sure you have the Application Insights extension in your extensions blade of your app service. You should not have any extension for DynaTrace or AppDynamics. If you see those extensions, remove them.

Correct extensions:

Incorrect extensions:

ApplicationInsights.config location

Make sure the Instrumentation key is not part of the ApplicationInsights.config. to do that you have to login to Kudo and browse the file under the wwwroot folder of your app service.

Make sure the ApplicationInsights.config is not part of the bin folder here

http modules

Make sure httpmodules for Application Insights present in the web.config. to browse the web.config, you have to login to Kudo console and browse the file under the wwwroot.

Required dlls

Application Insights requires certain dll to work properly. Make sure the required dlls are available in the bin folder:

·       Microsoft.AI

·       microsoft.Applicationinsights

to verify that, you have to login to the Kudo console and browse the files under the bin folder in the wwwroot of your Azure app service.


Update 9/29/2017

I have developed some powershell codes to automate some items that I have mentioned in these two blogs. I will post them here for your reference. you can further develop it to cover more items:











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