SharePoint Feature Description According to the challenge id #3, views are the most important way to present data in Microsoft SharePoint. In our test implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Portal, we extensively use views in order to have a smooth flow of users on the portal and users have minimum problem using the portal features. SharePointRead More

Challenge #3 in implementing SharePoint: Standard view and Data sheet view filtering

SharePoint Feature Description Views are the main out-of-the-box feature of Microsoft SharePoint to show the items in a list or document library. It is easy and convenient for an end user to create new views based on his requirements. There are a couple of options for the user to format views including Standard, Datasheet, Calendar,Read More

Losing administration permission on Project Server 2013

Project Server Category Permission

Introduction: Project server 2013 has two modes for permission settings. The default installation comes with the SharePoint permission model. You can change the mode in Powershell: Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -url http://server/pwa -Mode ProjectServer Or you can switch back to the SharePoint native mode: Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -url http://server/pwa -Mode SharePoint When tuning Project Server 2013 or Project Online inRead More